Oct 15, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d2
San Francisco

We wake up still in San Francisco and take a street car to

the Ferry Building.

After a quick walk (and getting some fancy cheese from Cow Girl Creamery), we take a bus back to the far end of the Wharf,

where we take a trolly ride.
We start at the end of the route, where the trollys a manually spun on a turn table.

We're ready!

The highlight of the trip is the trolly itself, but we pass by Lombard Street, which overlooks out boat.

Ella loves it.

Back to the boat...

As we wait to depart, Ella gets in some shuffleboard.

Here we go - back past Alcatraz.

Back toward the bridge.

We're further-entertained by a racing catamaran practicing maneuvers in the bay.

Look how flat he is on this tight turn. No lean at all. Amazing.

The bridge slowly approaches...

...and then it is upon is.

So close!

Having a good time up on deck.

Photo time!

No fog in the bay, but there is some in the area of the Cliff House. Funny how that works.
I love this town!