Oct 14, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d1
San Francisco

OK, let's move on and see some more of the city...

First up...

Well, actually, we quickly move on and get some chocolate.

Ella's a big fan!

My girls love their quality chocolate...

OK - back to the wharf to catch a bus.

A double-decker tour bus.

We're treated to some great views of the city.


I forgot, but cool.

Oooo... the bridge!

Over we go!

It's a bit nippy up here, but worth it for the view.

We look back across the bay to our boat.
It looks so close, but it is like an hour away.

As night falls, our bus continues back across the bridge and by some other highlights like Chinatown.

Then, we head to the Ferry Building.

Jill and I stop for a nice dinner, as Lolly & Pop take a passed-out Ella back to the boat, where she has a room-service cheeseburger before passing out again.
Big day!