Oct 14, 2012 - Cali Cruise, d1
San Francisco

We start the cruise off with one of the highlights - sailing under a foggy Golden Gate Bridge.

Everyone is excited to see it - and we brave the cold to do so.

The ship has something like seven meters of clearance. Everyone holds their breath as we go underneath.

The fog lifts on the other side, revealing a sunny San Francisco Bay.

Streets neatly lie down in rows and crawl over the SF's hills.

Though the sun has burned off the fog elsewhere, Alcatraz retains its picturesque cover.

The girls enjoy the ocean air.

Looking back, gold towers peek out above the fog.

The city - and the Oakland Bridge - welcome us.

Pretty girls.

A California sea lion gives us a show as we dock.

With the city beneath us,

we're excited to go explore.

On the docks, Ella explores freedom on land.

We immediately head to Pier 39 to see more sea lions, starting with a statue.

One gets on a dock it should not and gets shoo-ed off,

but quickly comes back.

The rest of the folks at '39 are having a good time.

So is Ella!

A last look, then we go explore the rest of the city.