Oct 6, 2012 - Teté's party for Ella

For Ella's birthday, Teté wanted to throw her a party, too.
Don't worry - it isn't just a sad little bug on a tire [swing].

Gusy came and spun with her!

They love it - and Jill has fun swinging and spinning them.

Paloma joins with her kids (one of whom is pictured).

Ariel view.

Paloma's girl joins, too.

Full tire!

Off to the party part...

Caas holds Gusy and Ella, while Paloma (which means 'dove') helps with the balloons.

Cute party hat!

Ladybug cakes!!

As we sing, Ella starts to pout,

then cry.
This is the third time we've sung to Ella - and she's cried every time.

It's all over, so she can dry her eyes.

Time to blow out the candles.

The Joker would love what this cake does to little girls.

Ella's a bit neater (and older).

Good times.

Big bite!!

Great party, Teté!

Time to enjoy the park some more...