Sept 23b, 2012 - New Bern

Carmala and Ella play with a exhibit of the local bear parade.

Loving to hold hands.

All the girls hold hands.

New Bern is a very quaint town - nice restaurants and shops - and some cool buildings.

But it has a dark side.

A well-documented dark side.

Not exactly a 'World of Pepsi.'

Leaving that and heading for a treat, we see some huge, carved bears.

Time for fudge!

Then into a toy store to play with Carmala.

Ella had such a great time with her big cousin!

Such a cute hug.

We thought that was goodbye, but we had the walk back to the cars together - and we spotted another cool bear en route.

Then the final goodbyes (for now - we'll see them again at Thanksgiving).

What a great trip - Ayden, Greenville, some places in between, and New Bern.
Thanks for showing us around, Ben and Eulalia - and thanks for the hotel, C&W!!