Sept 22b, 2012 - Morning in eastern North Carolina

After breakfast, we drive through some quaint towns like Grafton

as we head to Ayden.

Check out this amazing corkboard at Eulalia and Ben's house, made of about 5,000 corks.

Ben bought Eulalia a dress once and it didn't come in a box, so he made her this box. Wow.

The floors in the nursery are awesome.

Carmala and Ella play in a room where Eulalia gives lessons.
The large tiles were just something Ben did with leftovers from another project, but it ended up serving as convenient places for Eulalia to ask her students to stand.

The girls play on a window seat.

Daniel has just started taking baby steps and practices walking to Jill.
Great house. (I so wish I took a picture of their kitchen.)

We head out on the ECU campus and stop by a Sheetz on the way to show it to Jill and Ella.
I know I'm a dork going to check out a gas station on vacation, but Ella doesn't get to play with my computers much - and I love their coffee drinks.

Ella plays with out kiosks and orders some very message fries with all sorts of cheeses and sauces.
No worries; we cancel the order before it hits the kitchen.

On ECU campus - and the girls love walking down the sidewalks together.

They turn a lot of heads. I suppose it isn't common to see two little girls walking around campus - especially when the football game is away.

Two neat pieces of art in front of the library.

There is a big columned archway. The columns have motion sensors and play chimes as pedestrians pass by.
A person plays a single note, but high traffic makes music. Very cool.

Ella and Carmala make music.

Enjoying each other.

The Flanagan building, formerly where Aunt Caroline and Uncle Wayne did much of their teaching.

A requisite pirate, though I forgot his name.

We tell them we want a picture of a hug. Ella doesn't understand.

Picturesque fountain.

Daniel shows off his balance.

Feet in the fountains.

Playtime on the grass.

Ella learns to sommersault.

With the girls playing, the boys just hang out.
What a beautiful day!