Sept 22a, 2012 - Morning in eastern North Carolina

We wake up early (because, well, the girls don't sleep late) and head over to a Yoders,

a local Mennonite-run establishment - a hybrid restaurant-massive general store.

Waiting for a table, we go look at their parrot, who was quite chatty. The girls were mesmorized.

On to breakfast. Ella has a huge piece of french toast with homemade butter syrup.

Then, onto their playground of sorts...

The little playhouses are an hour of entertainment.

Ella tells us that the other is the "mommy door" and this is the "watch-your-head door."

Ella plays Rose to Daniel's Leonardo.

Carmala slides down the pirate ship pole.


Els gets ready to swing.

A bit scared of the steep slide.

It's OK. Carmala is there to watch over her.

Ella tries the pole, but lacks the grace that Carmala has developed.

Daninel looks into the ship's hold to see what the fuss is about.

The girls, on the other hand, look out.


'Mala looks out her Dutch door.

Ella looks back on the full door.

Too much fun.

Ella does not want to leave...