Sept 21, 2012 - At Carmala's (well, the Ayers')

We find a nice weekend in the early fall to go to North Carolina to visit Ben, Eulalia, Carmala, and Baby Daniel.
We meet them at Aunt Caroline and Uncle Wayne's house, though they happened to be in Florida at the time.

It is Daniel's birthday (roughly), but we couldn't give him something and not Carmala.

Carmala gets an Uno game where round barnyard animals are cards.

It must taste great!

Carmala opens a card that Teté made for her.

"Hope you're doing whale!"

While Eulalia opens the Uno game, Daniel finds the controls for the chair and starts lifting his mommy way up in the air!

Daniel gets a bear that asked to be dressed up in clothes.
It was for his age, but was a bigger hit with Carmala (and Ella).

Carmala has her nightly violin lesson.
Today it was a windshield wiper exercise with her bow.

The girls go play on one of two upright pianos.

Then it is time for bath. Ella and Carmala have fun in there together.

Bath's over for Ella and a more mature and modest Carmala.
Then, it is time for a sleepover. Ella rarely sleeps in a big girl bed - and has never slept in the room with another little girl, so this is a real treat.
They do great, though, sleeping through the night and not waking until a fairly reasonable time in the morning.