Sept 15, 2012 - The Red Sweater

The morning starts off with a photo shoot on the beach.

So pretty.

Love the hair...

After a while, she starts to get a bit upset,

then more upset.

That turns into real tears,

then a meltdown.

But it was worth it.
Before Ella was born, mom cut this picture out of a magazine. Why she thought Ella would be blond based on her parents, I'll never really understand, but it is pretty cool, eh?

After picture-time, Ella enjoys play-time on the beach.

She's all happy now.


She loves to play in holes, then fill them up with water.

The tide is coming in.

Grandmama is all sandy, too. She must have been playing for a while.

We head off to the pool to clean off before lunch.

She loves the pool.

Before dinner, Teté and Ella go for a walk through the paths at Rosemary. What a beautiful neighborhood!