Sept 14, 2012 - Rosemary Beach

In the morning, Lolly reads Ella a book before we really even start playing.

Lolly & Pop gave Ella some new cars to play with.

Els makes a tunnel.

Then, off to the beach to play.

Consider this an early picture of Ella. The bathing suit doesn't want to stay in place...

Pop and Ella dig a hole and build a castle on a huge, super-soft, white beach.

Ella keeps digging.

El's hole starts to fill in with the tide.

Lolly & Pop come to help out.

Digging out the wedgie.

Crawling on the castle dad makes.

Jill's view.
(She was playing a lot, but also took most of the pics.)

Teté joins the fun and builds her own castle.

Very nice!

Playing in the waves...
Fun day!