Sept 13, 2012 - Going to Rosemary!

We pick Ella up after school on late-summer Thursday...

She knows where we're going - and is super-excited.

We pass a sign on in Alabama (Ella and Teté's 15th state) and...

we have to stop!

The dirty old [half-blind] man prompts Teté to dip her own boiled p-nuts.

Tet&233; does.

We get to Rosemary in the late afternoon and have to go straight to the beach.

Ella loves the water.

The ladies stay on the beach.

There they are!

I loved the silhouette.

Els steps back from a wave.

Stopming in the waves!

Picking up a shell to throw back into the ocean.

The sunset was beautiful,

but not as beautiful as our little girl.

Checking out her shell.

The sun sets,

so we clean up and go for shrimp tacos.
What a day! We have more days here...