Sept 3, 2012 - At the McMahons

Ella brings Megan her birthday present,

then does the same for Quinn.

Kelsey and Sean help their little siblings with the pesky ribbons.

Megan has her's opened, but Quinn is a bit slower.

He's making sure not to hurt it.

Over on the other side of the room, Sean and Ella play "hippos."

Kelsey joins in.

Megan puts her puzzle together. It is longer than she is!

Quinn finishes and is proud of himself, too.

Playing with trains a little bit before we head to the airport.

With no TVs on the plane, Ella makes due with an episode of the Cat in the Hat that I downloaded for free from one of those Starbucks free music cards.
She likes it. It makes the airplane ride more enjoyable for us - and helps Ella be excited about flying.
It was a great trip. Thanks for having us, Bridget!!