Sept 1, 2012 - Bridgelands Pool

We get to the McMahon's in the afternoon, play for a while, then head to their pool.
Ella is all over the place. There is so much to do.

Megan lounges on the steps for a moment.

Sean is a little fish.

He loves to swim underwater.

Megan, Quinn, Bridget, and Ella splash about.

Ella runs to Aunt Bridget.

Playing with Quinn.

Sean plays with the wheels that control the fountain as Quinn tries the slide, backwards.

The three little McMahons on the slides.

Megan runs from the boys,

who enjoy the waterfalls.

Back to the slides.


What a fun pool!!
(Kelsey, Jill, and I were there, too. Not sure why/how there are no pictures of the three of us. Perhaps there will be more tomorrow.)