Aug 25, 2012 - Picnic at Piedmont Park

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, we head downtown to Piedmont Park for a picnic.

On the way into the park, we spot a while bulldog

with pink toenails.
Ella knows it isn't the real Uga.
She calls her a little Uga.

At the park, Pop pushes her on the big green swing.

This is an hour or so later - back at the same swing.

Lazy time.
(Ella isn't praying. She's smelling her fingers. Sorry if that disappoints anyone.)

We see a "princess" walk by.
It is a good day to be a princess at the park.

Cute girl.

Cookie time!

Well, a special healthy cookie that mom makes, but Ella doesn't know...

She just tears into it.

Back to the playground.

Then back to the swing.

A little Lolly-time.

Big hug!

Then trying to bite Pop's mustache.

Walking back to the car after a long day, we spot some water fowl.

We're intrigued.

What a great day at the park!