Aug 9, 2012 - First day of Preschool

Ella is ready for school (she thinks)!

Much better. We got the smallest school dress we could order - a size 4.

She loves her "pack-pack."

Nice posing.

Jill, Teté, and I all go to drop her off on her first day.

Jill walks her in.

She's in her class. She's happy, but then

she realizes we're leaving her.


Mommy tries to explain.

Goodbye kiss.
Apparently, she cried the whole first day.

When she left in the afternoon, the other full-day kids were taking a nap, so Ella wanted to, too.

She laid down on her "pack-pack" like a pillow.

So cute.

After real naptime, she lines up all her babies.

Then, for dinner, Ella greets our guest at the door with a glass of wine.

It's Caas!

She is used to me sometimes bringing her a glass at the door, but surprised to see Ella do it.
Big day!