August, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Teté

OK I'm done!! LOL

Day for puzzles!!!

No more tears, just fun!

Lots of green stuff for lunch!!!

She got better, don't worry!!
She came back smiling, telling me what she did.

Loving her swing lessons!!

She came back with this smile after school. I guess she had a good day at school today, and came back hungry and sleepy!!!

Mr potatoes!!!

Trying to see if they fit on her...probably not!!!

She woke up adorable this morning!

Bubbles and more bubbles!!!

We had such a nice day with the girls, Ella fell asleep once she touched her crib.

Morning at home!!

She did good at swimming lesson, practice more the starfish, but she got a little desperate when the instructor asked her to cross the pool, instead of doing short swims, it's was just one time.

She asked me to put her in bed right after lunch.

working on a card

We had a half of a picnic