July 15, 2012 - Swimming with Lolly & Pop

Now that Ella likes swimming - really likes it - she's a little fish.

She doesn't really want to play at the pool anymore - all she wants to do is swim.

She swims to mom, then dad, then Lolly, then Pop,

then to the wall, totally exhausted.

So adorable.

She jumps in, then it is back to Lolly.

Jumping in with Pop.

Big splash.

Little splash.

Back and forth.

I love how she's smiling underwater - having a great time.

She still turns to breathe when she needs to.

She's all about the swimming.

OK, a short break to play on the stairs. He heart is racing. This is by far the most activity she's ever done.

Then back in the water to go for a Pop ride.


After one last shot of her butt cheek hanging out while she jumps in, I jump in to swim, too.
We're there for a couple of hourse, and Ella swam hard the whole time.
We're so proud of her.