July 3, 2012 - Independence Day Fireworks in Cumming

It is July 3, the day of the Cumming fireworks.
The McMahon kids just arrived from Texas.

All the urchins have a good time.

We're having a Mexican July 4th party, but

there's a lot of red, white, and blue to go around, too.

Els and Kels are all smiles.

Teté braids Kelsey's hair as the other girls play.

Nice job!

Train time.

The adults stand back and watch the chaos.

...then the chaos comes to grandma.

Ella loves her Caas. Well, it is Guci's Caas, but Ella disagrees.

All three Mexican girls.

Then, the Mexican feast.

The grandchildren/cousins all lined up.

We ask for everyone to hug. Ella doesn't understand, so she hugs herself.
All the McMahons get it.

Ella gets it now, but seems less smiley than when she hugged herself. I think she's a bit embarassed.

Grandma's here. Everyone's all smiles.

Teté loves the cheesy glasses.

Ella with the glasses, Teté and Justin.

Lolly, Ella, and Pop get ready to brave the drizzle and watch some fireworks.