July, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Teté

I think that's her favorite part of the park, yaaay!!

Something new to learn everyday!

She did awesome her swimming this morning, and so cute after it.

Great dinner!! We went to the pool after the class, and Ella cried a lot cause she didn't want to leave.

Nice daddy!! Love that pic

Still cute, no matter how the day looks like!!

Sweaty nose! The morning was a little hot (well not a little) and we didn't stay for a long time at the park. She swam great today, i think she actually enjoy the class today, no crying and great kicking!!

Awesome swimming!!

Cutie Pie! I want her to stop growing,please!!!

Top model or #1 next swimer

I Love, Love This pic!!!
The princess is getting ready!!

Ella's swim team

Ella: "teté can u please be quite, I'm working on my computer, I have a lot of work to do."

At the play room

Very good girl!!!