June 17, 2012 - Fort Myers

After playing in the pool, we head up to the club for Father's Day brunch.
No other pictures. Just eating - and a little talking.

After a relaxing day around the house, we head out to Fort Myers Beach to take in the area before dinner.
Ella isn't sure about the sand,

but she loves the water.

She likes to pick things up and throw them into the ocean.

Pretty girl.

She finds a shell and is surprised when a little leg comes out and touches her thumb.

She doesn't drop it, though. She just shows us.

She is totally into this.

Mom explains sea shells and critters.

We put it down so it can get back in the water.

After a great, seafood dinner, we are treated to a nice sunset as we head back across the bridge to dad & Suzanne's.

A little more time with Bogey before night-night.