June 16-17, 2012 - Fort Myers

We went down to visit dad and Suzanne.
Ella was so excited to see them and Bogey.


Ed watches while dad gets down on the floor to play with their kid and ours.

I hoist Ella up in the air to see her curls unfold.


Enjoying her granddad, but still eying the dog.

The next morning, we get treated to a purely Floridian view, courtesy of the new picture window in their birdcage.

Outside, a tricolored heron hunts in the tall grass.

His gret blue cousin fishes from a rock.

Back inside the birdcage, Jill helps Ella swim. After one week of lessons, she's much braver.

Els jumps in the water to her mommy.

She loves it!

Ella likes being tossed up in the air, too.

Jill gets her really high!

Having a great time in Fort Myers...