June 1-4, 2012 - Heading home from FL, the Aquarium

Ella's ready for the pool!

This is before swimming lessons started, so she only goes as far as the second step.

She likes to stay on the edge and play with toys.

Her bucket is a particular favorite.

She doesn't like the mushroom, but tolerates it for me.

big kiss...

She sneaks towards the deeper water, but doesn't go far.

A couple of days later, we go to the zoo. It was a fun day, we left the big camera at home. This is the only picture we took.

Then, the next day - a Monday - Teté has her friend, Caas, over.

But that's not all. Daniel comes to visit, too (with Ben, Eulalia, Carmala, and Uncle Wayne)!

Ella is fascinated by "baby Daniel" - too much so to notice the devistation around her.

She gets all up in his face, concerned about his crying.

Jill attends to Daniel

and helps him over to the piano to play.

At the end of the evening, Jill reads a story to Ella and Carmala.
They have several more days of play-time together!