June, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Teté

Guess why her red thumb?? Happy aniversary!!

She looks so big today!!
Wearing jeans, those tennis shoes and ribbons of different colors
I send u pics in the pool of this saturday.

Storytime with carmala!!

Pool this morning!!!

Swimming Class! The class was good!! Ella cried but she did a good job!! We stayed a little longer to see other kids, so she enjoy watching other kids, im sure she'll enjoy it.

Everything was fine before the instructor got her!!

She swam more and did different exercises, she did a good job.

Good swimming!

Ella did a great job today!!

We found these insects and Ella was very concern about the ladybug, we finally rescued it, we didn't know what was going on between them though.

4th lesson and she's getting better. yaaay!!

Ella was so proud of herself, we worked on her potty and she asked me to stayed with her until she pee. She got excited when finally did it, after that she taught baby Stella how to go.

We had lots of fun in the park this morning, Ella was happy to see Guci again. She pooh in the potty, she did it well (I have a pic of that, let me know if you wanna see it)

They taught the doll how to do the starfish..that was so cute!!

Perfect day to be outside!

Learning how to turn over, she did a good job, im sure she'll do it soon all by herself.

This is babe Ella, fridays are funner cause she can play with more girls of her age, and I think it helps!!

She rolled over all by herself this morning to make the starfish, it was great to see it!!!