May 27-28, 2012 - Heading home from FL, the Aquarium

The morning after the wedding has scenes of drunken carnage.

"Where did I leave my heels... and bubbles?"

A next-day wedding cake blends in to the madness.

After a long drive, we're delighted to see Ella drinking a smoothie on Lolly and Pop's front porch.
She was pretty happy to see us, too, but she had a great time without us!

The next day, we went to the aquarium.
Jill and Ella played in the playground while I make some progress on the phone with our next vacation.

Finally inside, Ella enjoys the aquarium with Teté.

Little girl. Little fishes.

In the arctic area, a giant pacific octopus stalks across the tank.

It is so cool, because he is normally hiding or sleeping.

Time to see the penguins!
Ella, Teté, and Justin crawl into the exhibit.

They pop up in the middle of the penguin environment, with several of the little guys waddling around them.

My girls in the Tropical Diver exhibit.

Time for the big room...

But first, the tunnel.

She loves the sharks.

A manta ray dances in front of the glass.

The big window...

A tasty looking grouper creeps by at an impossibly slow pace.