May 26, 2012 - Belcher-Boudreau Wedding

Evan, Larry, and Jill... friends for 13 years.

Not that type of friends, Jill...

Yeah, that type of friends...

As best man, Rich gives a toast.

To the happy couple!

Dames makes a speach.


Abs in my lap.

Smooch. Love it!

Let the dancing begin!

Let [whatever I'm doing with Beth] begin, too!

Oh dear lord.

Pretty soon, this is what we're all seeing on the dancefloor.

Then, I find this picture on my phone.
That's Kevin's tie that is just above camera-level - and just above an open zipper - and how do you cut the back of your hand?

Had a great time!

Congrats, Dames and Holly!
What a great wedding weekend!