May 26, 2012 - Belcher-Boudreau Wedding

The day starts as the previous ended... hot outside. While we're walking to or from breakfast, I have to take a picture of my beautiful wife in front of the mossy oaks.

This is where we're staying - the Equestrian lodge - a cool haven in this rediculous sun.

Brooke goes to downtown Montecello with us - just to get off property for a moment and check out the area.
We find a nice lunch spot, antique shop, and some local honey. Not bad at all.

We get back to the resort to see the guys all decked out and ready...

Well, maybe not all ready. Cassidy drinks away the effects of last night.

On to the lakeside church.

While the guys are all in tuxes and such, I get the girls to myself for a while.

Well, these guys aren't in tuxes. Not sure why I had the girls to myself.
No worries.

A stand-up crew.

Holly takes the aisle. What a dress!

...and with a hug from her father

she takes her vows, gives Damien a kiss.

That's it.

Proud mother.

Hey, Dames!

On to the reception.

Dames and Holly join for a first dance.


Happy couple.

Pushing him away so soon?

Oh - nice move.

Gotta wonder what that was about, but a nice moment to capture.

Oh - damn!


Ok - Damien watches the traditional dance, then the reception really begins.