May 25, 2012 - Belcher-Boudreau Rehearsal After-Party

The party starts off with all the usual shenanigans you'd expect from our crew.

Some light posing...

Some I'm-not-sure-I-trust-him posing

Oh - I must make the statement now that our after-party is at the hunting lodge, which features taxidermized animals of all sorts all arount the living areas.

Some heavy posing...

Some none-of-us-could-ever-run-for-president posing...

Some dancing. (I think that is what this is.)

Some whooping.

More poses.

Poses being ruined by interlopers.

Kevin finding a new and exciting way to test his flexibility and resolve - this time by

squeezing into small couldron,

from which Nate eventually has to rescue him.

Then a fight breaks out.

...and that is when the party gets dark...

Not that kind of dark. Dark, our style. You know, sort of having our way with dead animals.
(And our way basically involves dressing or decorating.)

There is animal husbandry.

There is a moose with blinders... and I think a thong.

My kind of deer!

A pronghorn nibbles party favors from a feedbag.

Chris poses with what really started it - the vagabond/baglady/gypsy otter.

Naughty bear!

There is climbing on people to do something stupid,

but the result (14' off the ground) is totally worth the drunken life-risking.

The girls change the polecat to a pole-dancer.

All anyone needed to do to the alligator table is put the fishing magazines in its mouth. It was already aboud as good as it could get.

The turkey becomes a chef.
(Who got a chef coat at midnight?)

and Rich says, "Hey. That's what we do."