May 25, 2012 - Belcher-Boudreau Rehearsal Dinner

The wedding weekend is in Greenville, Florida's Honey Lake Plantation - and the rehearsal dinner is at its Lakeside Pavillion.

It is a southern affair, with all the fixin's. The grouper and chicken are served in both fried and grilled fashions, the shrimp come in fried and cocktail - and this after fried crab claws and andouie sausages.

The tables have a downhome flair to them. All of the finest Ball crystal has name tags,

as do the children's sippy cups.
They knew Ella wasn't coming, but still wanted to convey how she was welcome.

The grooms parents' toast

as the cute and happy couple listen

and laugh.

As dinner wraps up, I am surprised to find Larry of all people betraying his heritage, confused by a camera.

Some of the guys.
Hey Kevin, why exactly are you holding that plate?
... [Drop...] OK, why were you holding that plate?

Mozel tov!

It looks like Damien doesn't entirely trust one of us, but who....
Perhaps it is the one that came [over-]dressed as a southern table cloth.

Jason and Abigail, gorgeous as always.

As the sun sets behind the pines,

the soon-to-be-weds make a speech,

then show a short slideshow.
A cute Holly.

An awkward young Anthony Michael Hall stands next to a voluptous Jessica Rabbit.

Holly cranes over to kiss... her niece?

Lawn games break out over beers.

Rhoades' parlor tricks.

Biding time until the after-party begins...