May 23, 2012 - Concert at the Avenues

Every Wednesday in the summer, the Avenues at Forsyth puts on a little outdoor concert with local acts, light trivia, and entertainment for the kids.
All goes well until someone loses a balloon.

We shouldn't be amused, but she is so cute!

She is positively hysterical.
It was even tied on her wrist. She untied it - and there it went.

Real tears!

I don't mean to be so amused, but she is so adorable when she's irrationally upset.

The red robin from "Red Robin" hands out strawberry lemonades and dances with the kids.

See... we're not so mean... We get her another balloon pretty quickly. No worries.

All good now.

Dancing with daddy!




Good band!

Ella is enthralled.


Ella loves 'em!

So happy!

Making friends with bubbles.

"Where did the bubbles go?"
We gotta go home now, honey... We'll come back in a couple of weeks.