May 12, 2012 - Palak visits!

It's a lazy Saturday - and Palak is coming over tonight. Ella passes the time by looking through our birdwatching guide.

Ella has taken to cleaning up spills - ours or hers. So cute. So much "Lolly" in her.

Other good way to pass the time waiting for Palak... Practice cooking!
Turn around and smile, please.


Oh - the sassy cook. Even better.

Palak is here - and Ella immediately wants her to read a book.

Palak is a good friend - so patient.

Ella loves her.


Excited for Palak to put her down, Ella stretches and Palak mimics her.

Els shows off her flexibility. Palak isn't sure how to react.
(Crap. That would have been a great picture!)

Time for another book...

Ella's down. Wine time.

We talk about pictures, so Palak takes this of our lillies.