May 5, 2012 - Dole Plantation

After Pearl Harbor, we head north up to the Dole Plantation.

Pineapples are so cute when they grow -

and there are so many different kinds, but each plant only produces one pineapple before it has to be dug up and another planted.

There are several interesting things to keep you entertained, though it is just a big factory store.

I loved this tree. Wow!

There is a train on the property that takes you all around the plantation. We're excited.

Here it comes to get us!

Here we go!

The train takes us past all kinds of plants and trees.

So that's what that looks like on a tree...

The girls enjoy the ride.

Ella enjoys the warm wind in her face.
I like seeing the red clay that reminds me of home.

Young pineapple plants.

It is a nice long ride. I totally recommend this!

Coming back to the station...

Ella likes it!