May 5, 2012 - Pearl Harbor

The boat docks early and, after a brief stop for breakfast, get to Pearl Harbor early.
Ella loves the flowers.

After touring some of the exhibits, we take a ferry through the harbor and past some ships

to the USS Arizona Memorial.

Ella long lochs curl and blow in the Oahu air.

In silence, a look up through the ceiling makes your hair raise all over.

Jill shows Ella a turret, one of the few parts of the USS Arizona above the water.

Where she was tied.

It is a solemn place, but we're happy to be here.

The names of 1,177 men, some fathers of little girls, men who are entombed beneath the gentle waves of Pearl Harbor.

Jill and Ella enjoy the gorgeous day!

I get a sweet kiss from my little girl.

Under us, the hulk of the USS Arizona slowly rusts - just below the surface.

Leaking about a quart each day, the Arizona doesn't do any harm to the environment.

A map of the memorial, overlayed on the layout of the ship.

The naval base control tower peeks out over the trees.

Els loves the sunny day.

Juani and Ella pose in front of the anchor, recovered from the wreckage.

Ella climbs into the control section of a submarine,

then mans some anti-aircraft guns.

Jill checks out the view from a periscope, permanently mounted as part of the exhibit. Her view back at the Arizona memorial: