May 4, 2012 - Kauai

As we leave port in Kauai, we sail north/northwest along the Na Pali coast.

Quickly, the hills give way to jagged mountains, quite green with life.


Awesome sight. Too bad my camera is in a wonky mode at the moment, giving everything a blue tint.
That's what you get for drinking and photo-ing.

At least Jill's still gorgeous, if ever-so-slightly blue-tinted herself.

We have a great time watching the coast go by.

Meanwhile, Juani and Ella are also having a good time, wandering around the ship and snacking at the buffets.

They go back up to a small conference room overlooking the Lido Deck (to see that everyone is watching the coast, not sunbathing).

It has myriad toys.
Ella gives us her child-like Lolly impression - incessently cleaning.

She likes these large blocks.

Back to the back, where Jill and I grab some photos of ourselves.

That's a better shot. More boat trail. More mountains.

Oooo. Now that's better!

{repeat caption}
That's what you get for drinking and photo-ing.

Just lovely!

Goodbye Kauai...