May 4, 2012 - Kauai

Yesterday, I heard about a seal on the beach with a pup, so this morning (our last on Kauai), we drive up the coast and look for it.

There it is!
OK, hard to see...

but there is only so close we are allowed to get.

We walk around the temporary fencing for a better view.

A little light reading about mommy and baby, who is just a couple of weeks old.

Mommy is sleeping soundly. Baby moves a little, but is pretty much taking mommy's lead in lounging.

Signs everywhere!

After the seal, we stop at another scenic location.

This is a bird sanctuary.

I look for birds, while Ella... reads about albatrosses(?).

I love the waves...

Ella uses binoculars to check out the birds across the small inlet.

In the sanctuary is a striking lighthouse.
Ella loves the birds, and keeps pointing them out to us.

There's one!

I might have put the lighthouse there. Just sayin'...

Several of the birds (mainly shearwaters) make nests in the thick, flowering vegetation.

Here's a close-up.

Ella runs around, taking advantage of being out of the car for a long walk before we head farther north to the end of the road.

The road ends in a long trail.
Well, to call it a trail... generous. It is 11 miles of rocks leading up a mountain on which you can walk if you want.

The first scenic lookout is a mile up the trail. Have fun.

Quickly giving up, we drive back down to the boat past some caves

and rivers.

Ella is enthralled by the scenery.