May 3, 2012 - Kauai

We spend the evening in Kauai at a luau.

We get there early, so we have time to explore the beautiful grounds, which include a sort of botanical garden with specimins of myriad local flowers and trees like this banyan.
Notice the peacock roosting on the far left.

There were peacocks everywhere here.

By now I forgot what this was.


We had to take a picture of the "Mickey Mouse plant." It looked nothing like the cartoon character - and was actually very boring.

Kukui fruits, where the nuts (for the leis) come from.

A pasty, red-headed rooster.



I think I got too close to the geese.

A lone pineapple plant by the water.

Luau time!

The pig has been dug up. Almost time to dig in!

Jill and Ella pose with the cooks.

As we dine, we are entertained by a band and matronly hula dancer,

who gives lessons.
Jill [in the second row] does great, but Ella has simple doesn't get it.

After dinner is a show, kicked off by Pele, goddess of fire.

The conch sounds

and Ella is mesmorized.

In come the more... appealing hula dancers.

The 90-minute show ends how it began - with fire.

Impressive stuff, but the headliner was the best.

Great setting, good food, and a nice show.
Time to go back to the boat and crash...