May 3, 2012 - Kauai

On Kauai, we drove first to Waimea Canyon.

Awesome. Mark Twain called it the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.
Oddly, he never saw it.

Very cool.

We unjoy it up here.
Cool, breezy, scenic.

Down below (where we bought some shaved, toasted coconut, Ella ran around chasing some roosters).

Jill and I break away for a moment together.

A look down the canyon.

The flowers here are gorgeous.

We drive south along the coast and stop when I think I see a sea lion or something.

We get out of the car and spot a crab, oddly still on a rock. Ella is very concerned.
But soon, our eyes head back out to the water...

Sea turtles!

Farther down the coast, we find some blowholes.

So cool.

Up the coast, we find a few waterfalls.

Focus here

or there.

I'll focus on the girls.
They're having a great day!