May 2, 2012 - Kiluea

Coming in for a landing at Hilo airport...

We stop and get out. Ella is happy to be out of the helicopter for a moment.

After we refuel, we pose for a quick picture, then get back in for the next leg.

Ella's phyched for another ride. The controls still look as intimidating as ever.

We got north along the coast, past eluvial waterfalls

and jagged peninsulas.

The landscape is awesome.

Whoa. OK. Mr pilot. Anytime you want to go back over land is cool by me.

We head into a valley

that is lined with 4000 ft cliffs,

which make 4000 foot waterfalls.


To keep Ella calm, I give her my phone in camera mode.

She takes 170 pictures (some of which will be their own page).

She loves it.

Mountain tops.

Finally back in Kona, we go in for a landing.

A much more successful trip. Of 90-100 minutes of flight, Ella cried for about 15 minutes.

After a nice seafood snack, we take the tender back to the boat.

A quick look back at coastal Kona.
On to Kauai...