May 1, 2012 - Hilo

After a while of driving, I find a spot I just have to get out and see...

The view is awesome.


Jill joins me on the windy, rocky ledge, but is a bit more deliberate in her approach - like she doesn't want to fall 60' or something.
(or is just smrt)

Snazzy lava.

We continue the drive just another couple of miles.

The road ends at a laval flow.

Ella is excited to climb on it.

I give her a little help. What looks smooth in the distance is actually finely-toothed black glass.

Hmm... Road sign in the distance. Must be important.

Oh. I would have guessed...

My girls, enjoying the alien landscape.

A flock of nene fly overhead.

Time to walk back. More 'Dora' in the car for Ella.

A look back proves photo-worthy.

Jill finds a sea arch.

Leaving the park. That was a cool stop.

On the way back to the boat, we decide to trust in our GPS' ability to re-route us. We take detour.
The flora changes to this bizarro canopy of deciduousness,

to a friggin' jungle of palms and flowering trees,

to more jungly and less flowery

back to a hybrid large-tree forest - all in the span of 10 miles (of black-dirt roads that would probably void my rental agreement).

Back to tall, but beachy-palms.

We finally make it to a secluded beach. Nice, but we're going to be late to the boat if we don't hurry up.
Great day!