mAY, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Juani and Teté

(these captions courtesy of Juani)

Ella loves her purple shoes and the last two days she have choosng purple clothes to match with her favorite

purple shoes :) :)

Our first trip to the library :) :)

Just cute today

She make a new friend at the playground today... It was a nice mornig. I think she had fun :)

Gussy and Caas didnt meet with us but we had a good time...

Que rica naranja!!! Love her smile :)

Purple dress and purple shoes today...

beautiful with her green dress

(these captions courtesy of Teté)

The story was about penguins!! We remembered about our visit to the aquarium this morning.

Last piece and all done!!!

We did It!! Well..she did and just helped with two pieces and she did it like 4 times lol.

Specially for you!!