Apr 29, 2012 - Maui - Hana

Overlooking the coast northwest of Hana.

The road is really spectacular in spots.

Down away from Hana, we find an isolated beach where the wind and waves are crazy.

Ella is a bit scared and wants mommy.

I keep her here with me, at a safe distance, but near the roar of the Pacific.

A wave rolls in...

then slams into the violent rocks.

A delicate girl against the stark, alien landscape.

My pretties. Nasty backdrop.

Finishing up the road home...

We find a spot on an leeward beach where windsurfers find their haven.

The Iao Valley...

Really striking, but not interesting enough to stay long.

We head south to the Maui Tropical Plantation.

Taro... awesome.

Ella relaxes on some picturesque rocks, just happy to be out of the car.

Back on the road, Ella is the first to spot the boat (seriously... I have to drive another few minutes to see it and stop for a picture).

We don't go to the boat - we go to a Shave Ice place. Since we drove a while without finding one, we have to ask. What we hear from a local is that her mom always took her to a laundromar around the block. We go - and are treated to the biggest f-ing shave ice cup ever witnessed by mankind - for $3.

We had to srip Ella down so she doesn't drip grape and watermelon syrup all over hee dress, which was OK since it was so hot inside (being an un-air-conditioned laundromat in Hawaii, after all). But back in the car, it is cold, so we have to wrap her up again.
Totally worth it. One of the best, most authentic experiences of the whole trip!