Apr 29, 2012 - Maui - Hana

It is a fairly rainy morning when get to Maui and start the road to Hana.
Being overcast, it is a bit chilly in the car. Ella and Juani bundle up under a trusty, red Delta blanket.

They pretend to sleep, but their smiles give them away.

The drive is nice.
Recent rains create extra waterfalls along the roadside.

We get to Hana pretty quickly. That was the plan - get there quickly, and stop along the way back (to stay ahead of the traffic.)
Hana is oddly unimpressive.

We stop at a beach on the way back from Hana.
Jellyfish. Man-o-war. Strong currents. Big waves crash on the beach and ledges. Steep cliff. No lifeguard. Don't litter.
But other than that, have fun swimming!

We enjoy being out of the car and in the fresh air.

Huge waves crush on the rocks.

Ella's skin contrasts with the black sand beach.

The girls huddle inside a lava tube.

Ella has her daddy's... we'll call it a 'black-contrasting complexion.'

She's so cute today - especially with the curls.

Juani, Ella, and Jill along the roadside - on a bridge, actually.

This is the other side of that bridge - notice you can see the road on both sides.
It is very twisty.

Another horseshoe curve and one-way bridge.

Overlooking the valley and shore.

Waterfalls everywhere.

My beautiful wife.

Another good example of the road, which will be largely behind us in just a few more minutes...