Apr 28, 2012 - Waikiki, the boat

We wake up in Waikiki to see our ship return to Honolulu from its previous voyage.

To Duke's for macadamia nut french toast and pineapple & coconut pancakes. Yum!

The view from Duke's deck is awesome.

Juani and Ella agree.

Next to Duke's is a neat store with an animitronic hula dancer, which the girls loved.

Out on Kalakaua Avenue (Waikiki's Rodeo Drive).

The girls find a nice spot for a photo op,

as do Jill and Ella under a large banyan tree.

The statue sets off a series of events

where all Ella wants is for me to take a picture of her.
On a log.

On a rock wall.

In a statue with Juani.

OK, I have to have one here, too!

Back at the market.

Love this tree!

Such a pretty girl.


Jill shows her how it is done (kinda).

Finally, later that day, we boards and we have out first dinner on the ship.