Apr 27, 2012 - Waikiki

We're on our way. Ella takes her traditional seat in the Park N Fly van.

Ella spots our plan from the SkyClub. (Well, it isn't our plane, but it is a big Delta jet, so we pretend.)

A simple 10+ hours later (flight and taxi ride) and we're at our hotel in Waikiki.
Screw this, let's go to the beach!

Just downstairs is the Pacific Ocean.

Ella is so excited about it.

She loves the water, which isn't exactly warm, but not too cold either.

Jill enjoys playing with her little girl.

Juani's enjoying the beach, too.

A raft-lounging Canadian takes a picture of us. It turns out better than she thought.

After an hour or so in the strong sun, we head back to the room to clean up for dinner.

Dinner is about a mile walk down the main drag.

Ella is very tired after not napping on the plane (and it being midnight back home), so we give in and eventually let her sleep.

We put her down so at least we can enjoy the meal - ahi, ono, and other Hawaiian seafood delights.

After dinner, we head to the International Market,

which has the single most amazing banyan tree I've ever seen.

Ella's awake again after an hour nap (which was tough) and taking it all in.

Juani and Duke hang loose.

These flowering trees are everywhere. I don't know if I heard what they were. If so, I forgot.
But, tomorrow is a big day. No time to worry about flowers...