Apr 22, 2012 - Aquarium

In Radiant's NCR's annual [children's cancer] charity race, we pushed Ella in the stroller for the first 3 miles, but she wanted to run/walk the last 0.1 of the 3.1 miles (5k).

Part of the charity fundraisers were tickets to the aquarium, so we went the very next day, where we start at the Dolphin Quest.

Lolly and Pop went, too. Lolly and Ella are ready for the dolphin show.

No pictures during the show, so the next pics are at the exhibits.

Els and I crawl around the tunnels and tubes.

Ella wants to touch the sea anenomes (not pictured), but won't get near the starfish. Odd.

Mom shows Ella some of our favorite animals here - the Japanese spider crabs.

Jill and Ella go into the penguin area.

Cute, but come closer.

Nice. Hello penguinos!


At the Reef.

Pop shows Ella some sharks in the big tunnel.

A sawfish and a whale shark float overhead.

Ella still loves stingrays!

Big ole grouper. Yummy!

Good morning at the aquarium!

Outside, poses with a Falcon-dolphin.