Apr 7b, 2012 - Piedmont picnic - adding Kevin, Brooke, Bowman, Jason, Aigail, Thermos, Palak and friends

We shindig moves from the Botanical Gardens to Piedmont Park for a picnic.

Kevin and Bowman (weimeriner, pictured) are already there. Brooke arrives shortly and helps Ella feed Bowman.

Jason, Abigail, and Thermos (boston terrier, center frame) join us as well.
There is some leisurely banter where Jason shares (in Spanish) some of their tales of their recent month-stay in Chile.

Frisbee soon ensues,

as does dog-petting.

We gather for some pictures on the stone wall.

Gaby and Jorge make a photogenic couple.

Gaby, Cas, and Juani.

Juani shows Ella one of several puppies for sale,

as does Jorge.

Soon, Ella gets to hold one.

Before she gets too attached, we switch back to frisbee.

Palak joins... Ella gets some Palak-time (or is it vice versa)?

Ella loves her Palak.



Teaching Ella to catch.

So close!

There we go!

Try again...