Apr 7a, 2012 - Botanical Gardens with Damien, Holly, Gaby, Jorge, Juani, and Cass

This Saturday is a big day for us. It starts at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, but we have a lot more planned.

The first stop at the Gardens is always the canopy walk, where everyone loves the unique seats.

Gaby, Juani, and Cas enjoy the trees.

The Cascade Gardens.

Tree hugger.

Ella checks out a lady bug.

Jorge and Jill discuss roses.

There were 6-7 bees in this flower. Amazing.

The crew gets ready to enter the Conservatory.

Inside, we find a quail and a turtle, both commonly seen, but rarely in the same frame.

Juani reaches at the air roots of some vine,

as does Cas.

Juani and Gaby share a leaf.

Cas taking a picture of Juani.

Quail eggs. Yummy. I just need some ahi poke to put them one...

Among the orchids.

So, Damien and Holly join us as well.
Dames was a sport and got his picture with the orchids.

The old fam - Gaby and us.

Vanilla flower.

Flying amongst the flowers.

Bullfrog. Love it.

Gaby shows Ella a few more flowers, then we head for the next phase of the day - Piedmont Park.