Apr 6, 2012 - Zoo Atlanta with Gaby, Jorge, and Juani

Jill and I take off work on Friday to go to the zoo with Gaby, Jorge, Juani, and Ella.
The zoo always starts with the flamingos, which Ella loves.

Ella loves her Juani.

The rhinos are frisky today. Ah, spring...

So, they have zookeepers there to keep watch and explain the goings-on. They also have a rhino horn that we can touch.

Ella, Juani, and Gaby at the new giraffe veranda.

Always pictures at the gorilla statues.

Jorge and Gaby want a group picture by the bamboo.

An orangutan lounges on his rooftop.

a half a zoo away, a panda does the same.

Ella loves Gaby, too.

Juani and Ella pose as kangaroos.

Els loves the carousel.

Juani and Jorge wave from the sidelines.

Ella enjoys the long ride.

The train is next.

Always fun.

Gaby relaxes her feet after a long day of walking...