Apr 5, 2012 - Gibbs with Gaby and Jorge, then a haircut

Since I have been travelling so much, I take off the morning (to make up time to Juani) and take the group to Gibbs.

Ella tiptoes through the fallen cherry blossoms.

It is such a beautiful day - and Els is happy to be outside in it.

Jorge, Juani, and Gaby pose with Ella in front of the entrance to their Japanese garden - the largest such garden in the US.

Cute picture.


The girls love the view. That weeping willow is the group's favorite tree.

A bumblebee has a ball on a wild azalea.

What a pretty day (and pretty girls).

The group goes out to the island that Bill and Ella enjoyed so much a week or so before.

Cute couple.

A squatting Ella.

Gaby wants a picture in front of the estate home.

This is pretty now, but in the fall, it is going to be gorgeous. Sadly, it won't be as pretty without Gaby and Jorge.

Up by the house, Ella and Juani find a cat to play with.

Jorge takes a quick nap.

Same day (well, night), Gaby gives Ella a hair cut.

Gaby is still the only person to cut Ella's hair.

As you can see, it got long in the year since Gaby was here last.

So long.

Ella is proud to show off her new 'do.
Thanks, Gaby!