Apr 4, 2012 - Gaby and Jorge visit

Gaby came into town for Easter weekend and brought he boyfriend, Jorge.

First things first - hugs!

Ella is a bit shy. Ella recognizes Gaby in pictures, but hasn't seen her in person in over a year.

Ella's starting to warm up.

A present for Ella - a tambourine with her name on it.

She doesn't know how to use it, but she likes it.

A gift and a hug for Juani.

A gift for me. What an awesome shirt!
(I hope I get a hug, too...)

Oh yeah!

A shirt for Jill.

Thanks, Gaby!

Quick - hand Ella something else before she figures out the tambourine.

Gaby to the rescue, of course.
Barbie shoes and phone.

Juani teaches Ella to walk in heels.
(Funny, I would have thought Teté may have done that.)

Ella proudly shows off her phone and her calves.

Ella and Gaby enjoy the outside for a moment.

Oops - Ella drops the cow.

Finally, a picture of Jorge.
He watches as I teach Juani to play the "tuba." (That is easier for everyone to say than euphonium.)

Ella takes a picture with Gaby's camera.

Ella is so happy to have her Gaby back.