Apr, 2012 - a compendium of daily updates from Juani

(all captions courtesy of Juani)

she did very well.. i think she emjoyed to work in this. artística proyect

hugs the baby and the teddy bear

pretty and ready to welcome Gaby ..

just beautiful.. con su cartera y su pandereta :) (some spanish for you today)

a nice walk in the morning to the playground

our first trip to the park.. :)

time to nap.... so cute

her favorite bird riding "rawhide"

working on the book ... she did very well

we spendd the morning at the playroom today..!!

today we were reading some books

and cooking breakfast.... :)

we were drawing and coloring the shape of her hands and feet..

we also play with the Apple for a while ... i think the picture with the Apple is cute..

a fun morning at the playground today

today we were playing with a lot of balls at the tennis coutr...